Resource: Name Generators For Every Story

Resource: Name Generators For Every Story

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a story but then, when it’s time to actually name the main character, or the street she lives on, or the bad her grandmother plays in, or her favorite book and you have absolutely no idea where to start?

Thankfully, there are a ton of great name generators out there to either give you the perfect name or at least get the creative juices flowing in the right direction. Here are four our our favorite name generators:

Masterpiece Generator

If you need a name, this site can give it to you. First names, last names, baby names, street names, rapper names, even food and town names. If you are stuck or just want a random name to get your going, this free generator has you covered.

Behind the Name

Looking for a Danish wrestler name? What about a Korean fairy name? Got a cast of robots or witches you need to identify? The Behind the Name generator lets you mix and match ethnicity, gender, country of origin, among other things to find the perfect name.

Business Name Generator by Namelix

If your main character frequents a local business, or maybe even runs one, this business name generator might be the key to the perfect business name. Run by AI, just enter a few keywords and see what pops up.

Fantasy Name Generators

We all know how difficult it can be to come up with realistic and pronounceable fantasy names. This fun site generates names across the fantasy and sci-fi spectrum from Star Wars to the Witcher and WoW to D&D. It even has a name generator for pets, creatures, and weaponry.

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