Story Seeds Prompt: The Woman in Sunglasses

Story Seeds Prompt: The Woman in Sunglasses

We didn’t have any entries last week, but not matter…onwards and upwards, as they say

This Week’s Prompt

Post your flash-fiction piece of no more than 300 words, no later than Friday, March 5th at 0600 EST, in the comments. Your story can be of any genre, though we ask you to keep the content PG-13.

You may post one entry to each of our weekly contests.

Please include a title and a word count in your post. The comment form will ask for your email (which we never share with anyone!), but you can leave your Twitter of Facebook handle in your post if you prefer. Just make sure we know how to get in touch with you!

Winners and a new prompt are posted every Friday.

Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card

Questions to Help Spark Ideas:

  • This woman just knocked on your door. Who is she and what does she want?
  • This is your best friend and she never wears sunglasses. What changed?
  • The sunglasses are part of your uniform. What do you do and why are the sunglasses necessary?

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