Winter's Provision

Eury, Eric, and Ryan are three people who do not know each other, yet their struggles give them many connections they are unaware of. "Winter's Provision" tells of their struggles with depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. and how they end up having an impact on each other searching for answers.


Literary Fiction

Critic Evaluation

Cover Design Score: 9

The image captures the feeling that pervades the story --- an appearance of cold which is needed to give each charater the time and space to make sense of their world.

Book Blurb Score: 7

The blurb is short and possibly too vague so it doesn't offer the prospective reader something to hook on to.

Formatting Score: 8

Apart from the number of blank pages at the beginning and between chapters, there were no formatting issues.

Grammar & Spelling Score: 7

I didn't find any misspelt words. However, some of the sentence construction is unusual and there were times when I had to read sentences more than once to glean their meaning. 


As he waits, he goes to make some coffee taking the long route of using the kettle to stay quiet as possible.


Plot & Structure Score: 8

Interweaving three stories is compelling. Using the mysterious stranger as a link between the three main characters works well and is intriguing.

Character Development Score: 8

The lives, struggles and mini-triumphs of the three main characters unfold in a natural way so that they grow in a natural way. Their insights are the internal drivers of the story.

Originality Score: 9

The writer offers the reader the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of three troubled people. We discover how they are confined by their need to make sense of their worlds with every step and every breath they take. 

Pacing Score: 8

Three stories interlock and the writer keeps each episode taut so that we are left wanting to know more.

Use of Language Score: 7

As mentioned above, there are some points where the sentence structure is confusing. Apart from that, I feel the writing style brought me into the characters' worlds.

Overall Readability Score: 8

I enjoyed Winter's Provision and became emotionally attached to the characters. However, I was confused by the inclusion of a short passage from the Bible at the end. As Edgar Allan Poe was mentioned throughout, and The Raven was referenced, I feel it would be more appropriate.

This book received a critic's score of 79 out of 100 possible points.

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