The Transformer: Embracing the Refiner's Fire

In today’s society, there is a great deal of deception, division, and confusion that has infiltrated the lives of many. The focus on family and community has now taken a back seat to monetary gain and presumed power. This focus has left many unfulfilled and hopeless, giving up on dreams and goals.

The Transformer: Embracing the Refiner’s Fire helps to give a refocus on how to learn from the trials of life and become successful at reaching dreams and goals. This book will transform the way you think about your life and perceive the world in a positive way. Based on extensive biblical study and years of personal insights the author provides in-depth methods of how to properly view the world in order to reach full life potential.



Critic Evaluation

Cover Design Score: 5

It was difficult to read "Embracing the refiner's fire."  To me who has read a significant amount of self help books....the picture was not outstanding, the colors are overdone on self help books and the image was abstract.  Also to me embracing is something the heart would do not the head.  The book provides very concrete and practical solutions to challenges, the image seems to abstract for what the book conveys.

Book Blurb Score: 7

Again I found more good stuff in the book and was especially delighted with the final chapters of the books.  The blurb did not really excite me to read the book.

Formatting Score: 10
Grammar & Spelling Score: 9

The author uses the word emotionally excessively in places where it is obvious the circumstances, reactions  were emotional.  
"In this book, the trials and events of life act as the process used to refine us."  I was confused by this line.  I thought the book was about him and that the trials and events of his life refined him.  If he meant to say the perspective of the book is that trials refine us then I would like him to say that.


"When the person who loves as God loves is hurt by another person, they see the cause of the offense and no? the offender due to a change in perspective.  " Page 26  I did not understand this sentence.


Plot & Structure Score: 7

There was no real plot to the book.  I did like the chapter headings...I found them engaging and accurate for the text that followed.

I liked his stories about being a "gym rat" and how the scripture gave him strength and insight to persist in his goals.  I liked the story about his children.  I do wish there were more of his personal stories as they helped me feel more connected to him and the emotional tone of the book.


I especially liked his section that itemized and described the gifts.  I equally liked the section where he describes the traps.  I had never seen them presented this way and found the descriptions both facsinating and helpful.
I felt he had a good ratio of scripture quotes and content.  The book was not preachy or teachy and definitely conveyed a positive outlook on life and the author's sincere desire to help those who may be encountering challenges and struggles.


Character Development Score: 5

There were no characters to this book except for an occasional personal story.  i would have liked to read more of his personal story and how he exactly he changed as a person.

Originality Score: 7

The voice and tone of the book are somewhat unique.

Pacing Score: 8

 introduction and first chapter were a little slow for me.  I thought about using the 3 chapter rule then the book started to move nicely.  It was easy for me to stay focused and move along with the words and what he was trying to convey.  I was glad I stayed with it until the last 2 chapters which were my favorites.

Use of Language Score: 6

The author uses the word emotionally excessively in places where it is obvious the circumstances, reactions  were emotional.    I found this mostly in the introduction and first chapter.  

Overall Readability Score: 8

A good, positive book which offers sincere advice and encouragement.

This book received a critic's score of 72 out of 100 possible points.

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