The Steam Room Diaries

In this new genre of God Noir – the sacred darkness in which God hides in plain sight where least expected – a dilapidated steam room in a threadbare men’s locker room hosts strange and beguiling encounters. An odd assortment of gym rats and strangers discover unexpected and disconcerting healing within a fog of steam crowded by stories of sexual mayhem, betrayal, love, friendship, and fatherhood. Become a voyeur and enjoy the heat as a guest of Craig, the twice-failed priest who has a front row seat.


Curator & Critic Review

" reads as though the characters are real and revealing intimate stories from their lives. Easy and fascinating read."

-Shannon T., Curator 

"The writing flowed, it was a pleasure to read. 'There are all kinds of people in this world and nearly every one of them has a representative in the men's locker room of The COC'  -  simple, straightforward, with nod to detective noir.

-Storyteller Alley Critic


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