Rollin' Into Mystery

The West Main Five is back with a new mystery. They find a mysterious note; has someone been kidnapped? The Police have no reported kidnappings, just a missing person. Where is the mysterious Brad Parker? Why did he disappear from his job? Will the library have any clues to this new mystery?


children's Mystery

Critic Evaluation

Cover Design Score: 5

The design is basic, uninspiring and unlikely to attract members of its target audience.

Book Blurb Score: 8

The blurb reflects the story and gives a sense of urgency and excitement.

Formatting Score: 7

The formatting is good but there are a few odd placements of quotation marks and capitalisations, e.g:

pg 50  For a moment, he froze, and then turned slowly to look at Tom.” Yes,” he said coldly and formally and then turned to continue up the stairs. 

pg 53. A loud, "Beep, beep.'

Grammar & Spelling Score: 7

In the middle of chapter three, capitalisation at the beginning of dialogue disappears for a few paragraphs:

Tom explained, “it’s another word for ‘mystery’ and Jamie is right!  This could be a real enigma!” Louise added, “yeah!  It’s a poser, alright!” Marty rubbed both hands through his hair and sighed deeply.  “This is summer.  We are not supposed to have vocabulary lessons in the summer.” Everyone, including Marty, giggled. Sheri said, “it’s OK, Marty!  I didn’t know what it meant either.”

Then reappears.

On pg 39 a word is missing: a couple people




Plot & Structure Score: 7

The plot follows the second mystery of the FIVE and is well structured. We learn through the eyes of our heroes as they use logic to solve the problem.

Character Development Score: 7

The children are likeable and act as a group which makes it difficult, at times, to distinguish between them.

Originality Score: 7

The author gives her protagonists two potential problems to solve -- a missing person and a kidnapping. 

Pacing Score: 7

The story moves along briskly, with a clever twist to keep the reader guessing. However, the author often changes chapters mid-scene. 

Use of Language Score: 7

Some words are overused e.g smile or smiled and grin or grinned.

Overall Readability Score: 8

The story is interesting, the problem to be solved intriguing and the heroes ability to solve the mystery is believable.

This book received a critic's score of 70 out of 100 possible points.

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Curator Evaluation

Cover Design Score: 6

<p>Although the cover does have to do with the mystery within the book, it does not attract much attention. It's simple and clean but could&nbsp;use a more interesting photo to grab the attention of readers.&nbsp;</p>

Book Blurb Score: 8

<p>Blurb is short but straight to the point. It tells the reader exactly what kind of mystery is within the book.&nbsp;</p>

Formatting Score: 8

<p>There were a few formatting errors were seen:&nbsp;</p>

<p>1. Pg. 50 - For a moment, he froze, and then turned slowly to look at Tom.” Yes,” he said coldly and formally and then turned to continue up the stairs. - Punctuation marks used for the start of "yes" facing the wrong way.&nbsp;</p>

<p>2. Pg. 53 - A loud "Beep, beep.' behind made the kids all jump. &nbsp;- Only a single quotation mark is used at the end of "beep, beep" when the start of it has two. Also, no need for a period after "beep, beep".&nbsp;</p>


Grammar & Spelling Score: 8

<p>Just a few errors were found:&nbsp;</p>

<p>1. Pg. 62 - As the recognized their mother's voice, Tom and Jamie looked at their watches and realized it was dinnertime. - "The" should be "they".&nbsp;</p>

<p>2. Pg. 74 - While Sheri and Marty sat down to talk the little boy, Tom went quietly to the phone and called the police. - Should read "While Sheri and Marty sat down to talk to the little boy".</p>


Plot & Structure Score: 9

<p>Easy to follow plot that follows the usual structure of beginning, middle (climax) and end (conclusion). By the end of the book, no questions are left unanswered.&nbsp;</p>

Character Development Score: 7

<p>Some information is given about each character and their relation to one another. However, throughout the book, they are referred to as the West Main Five which groups them all together. This can be seen as both a positive and negative.&nbsp;</p>

Originality Score: 7

<p>A mystery revolving around five kid detectives. The great thing about the plot is that as it moves forward readers are able to take a stab at solving the mystery as well.&nbsp;</p>

Pacing Score: 9

<p>No drawn out sections are seen within the book. The action moves at a constant and steady pace that makes it so that there are no lulls within the story.&nbsp;</p>

Use of Language Score: 9

<p>Easy language is used so that the reader can easily understand.&nbsp;</p>

Overall Readability Score: 8

<p>The story is easy to follow and readers can feel as though they are part of the team as they try to solve the mystery.&nbsp;</p>

This book was curated by shannontucker

This book received a critic's score of 71 out of 100 possible points.

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