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Veronica JordenFounder

My goal in creating this site, and our on-going purpose is to feature only the best independent and small press titles out there. Our curators seek out the true writer-craftsmen and our internal review team make sure every book we offer is worthy of recommendation. 

Come helps us build this book lover heaven right here on our own little square of the internet. Who knows, you just might find your new favorite author. At the very least, you'll be highly entertained.

Our Curators

  • Diana Fitts
  • Kathy Gates
  • Cana Shafer
  • Shannon Tucker
  • Emily Weatherburn

Our Critics

  • Lucia Ball
  • Brenda Ballard
  • Connie Bergendahl
  • Jillian Bower
  • Joanne Burch
  • Verna Coy
  • Monique Crawford
  • Ann Dunkerton
  • Maggie Fulmer
  • Inigo Gonzalez
  • Kenneth Knepper
  • Courtney Lazore
  • Kino McFarland
  • Brie Paris
  • Chris Pepple
  • Cindy Reynders
  • Amanda Rydberg
  • Kathleen Smiley
  • Anya Smith
  • Sarah Starr Murphy
  • Kimberly Strickland
  • Taylor Vaughn
  • Teri Wesley