I Choose My Men the Same Way I Choose My Jewellery

Poems about love, rejection, resilience, life and coming-of-age! 



Critic Evaluation

Cover Design Score: 5

The cover design is weak and detracts from the quality of the poetry. The title and author's name should be given more prominence and the one strong image would be more attractive. 

Book Blurb Score: 5

The book blurb appears to be the same as the subtitle. More explanation, even biographical information would be persuasive.

Formatting Score: 9

I didn't find any formatting issue however, I think a table of contents would add value, and make it easy to find poems for a second reading.

Grammar & Spelling Score: 9

I found three issues:
1. Pg 11 "as I hobble pass..."
2. Pg 12 Winter is variously capitalised and not
3  Pg 78 A cow is referred to as "him"

Plot & Structure Score: 9

We start with the title poem which is pithy and then learn about the author through poems that give us broad biographical information through introspection. There are poems which are dialogues, poems where the author describes situations and poems where she shares her opinions.

Character Development Score: 8

We come to know the poet as she moves from through various emotions, events and descriptions of her world.

Originality Score: 9

As mentioned above, I feel like the poet invited me into her world. By her own account, she is strong, opinionated, compassionate and flawed.

Pacing Score: 9

Poems are listed with variations in length and tone. Some poems were introspective, others expressed opinion and others were descriptive.

Use of Language Score: 9

The poet creates moods and evokes emotions using pithy descriptions. 
One example is in the poem "Carry Me": 
"So perforated
That if I were to challenge the wind
It would blow right through me and laugh."
Another stand out is the poem in this regard is "Love is a Horse"
The poem, "It Stands to Reason" shows a deft use of irony.


Overall Readability Score: 9

I found myself tumbling from poem to poem, as if I was getting to know a new friend.
There are many wonderful poems included in this collection, here are a few that I noted as I read:
Sigourney Street
Port of Disembarcation
This is My Last Waltz
I Said I'm Leaving
And You Will Say of Me
That Silence
Trying to Get Me Back


This book received a critic's score of 81 out of 100 possible points.

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Curator Evaluation

<p>As a poetry lover, this collection doesn't disappoint. With a wide array of topics, Mahakoe digs deep into topics that resonate with us all.</p>

This book was curated by Diana Fitts

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