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Sell With Us

There are a lot of sites out there offering books to download, but few take the time to ensure that the books they sell are actually worth reading. Every book we sell is vetted by our crack team of genre critics and scored using our internal evaluation process. Each book is ready by two critics and only books that receive a 70 or better (out of 100 possible points) from both critics are eligible to be listed on our site. 

  • Submission is easy and free!  
  • All books receive feedback
  • If accepted, you set the price and can list or delist your book at any time.

All books added to our virtual shelves receive:

  • A featured review on our blog
  • Regular shout-outs on our social media channels
  • Highlight in our newsletter
  • Guest blog post opportunities for author

We are currently accepting books in all genres, though special consideration is given to books in the following genres: Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, YA, Paranomal, Horror, Thrillers, Mystery & Suspense,and Creative Non-Fiction. We reserve the right to decline any book for any reason and books that violate our terms of service will not receive feedback.

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Author Discovery Boxes


If you're looking for a fun and innovative way to launch your book, or to revitalize sales of an existing book, then author discovery boxes might be just the thing. We thing reading should just be words on a page, but should be an experience. By partnering with other small businesses, we can help make your book stand out and get readers excited about digging into your story.

Mini Discovery Box Subscriptions

These fun little boxes offer a digital download and a specially curated small business product selected to help enhance the storyline. Choose from one of three options:

  • Characters & Candles - Launches in September 2018
  • Book & A Bath  - Launches in October 2018
  • Story & A Snack - Launches in November 2018

We are actively search for books to include in these subscriptions. Currently, there is no out-of-pocket costs to authors. Instead, authors must agree to allow a featured book to be downloaded from Storyteller Alley for free by subscribers. To be considered for inclusion in our Mini Discovery Boxes a book must first be submitted and eligible for sale on Storyteller Alley. 

Discovery Box Promotion Service  

If you are looking for a fun promotional gift or a spectacular giveaway, our author discovery boxes can make your book launch something to remember. We can work with a variety of budgets and can design boxes that include digital downloads or printed copies. We will work with authors to find and select products that reflect the tone and style of the book. All selections are approved by the author prior to purchase and boxes can be shipped to the author for distribution or, for an additional 15% fee, we can take care of shipping the boxes to your recipients.

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Blog Features

We love supporting indie and small press books and we love giving authors a chance to share their stories, both written and personal, with our readers. Below are several types of blog posts we regularly accept, but we are always open to new ideas. We also love participating in blog hops and blog tours. Want one of our critics to read and review your book for our blog? Click the button below to submit your book for review.

Where Do Stories Grow? - Come tell us the story of what lead you to write. Or what inspired you to pen your latest novel. This 600-800 word post should utilize all of your amazing storytelling skills. Craft the tale of what makes you a writer, or what drives you to write. This is a weekly post, and we accept submissions at any time. 

Hot Off the Presses - Got a brand new book? Come tell us about it. This post should include your cover image, your book blurb (no more than 300 words), and a short exerpt (500-1000 words), plus a picture of the author, short bio, and links to the author/publisher website and social media links.

My Favorite Author... - This is a chance to spread love and support to some of your favorite indie or small pub author. You might tell a story about how you met, or why you love their books. Did they inspire you to write? Do you lose all sense of time when you are reading their books? Support your fellow author in this 300-500 word post. Post may include a cover image and a link to the authors book, website, or social media pages. This post will also include the submitting author's picture, bio, and links to website and/or social media pages.

Guest blog post submissions or ideas can be sent to

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Editing & Feedback Services

In early 2018, Storyteller Alley merged with First Page Last Page to bring affordable editing services to indie authors and small publishers. We currently offer the following editing & feedback services:

  • Book Blurb Writing
  • Beta Reading 
  • Manuscript Critique
  • Comprehensive Editing
  • Proofreading

Book Blurb Writing

Along with a great cover, an excellent book blurb can make a difference in those crucial moments when a reader is sizing up your book. Let our team of staff writers help you craft the kind of blurb that makes readers hungry to dig into chapter one.

Book Blurb Writing - $125

Beta Reading

We get it. You've toiled, cried, bled, and poured every ounce of your creative genius into your book. You're ready to publish or send it off to an editor for final polishing, but then it hits you. Will readers enjoy what I've written? Have I given them enough to get lost in the story? Are there areas that just don't work? Characters that fall a little flat?

Our team of beta readers, in groups of 2, 3, or 5, will read your book cover to cover and give you the feedback you need to ensure that readers will be picking up what you are laying down. You dig?.

Beta Reading Packages start at $350.


Manuscript Critique

You've finished your manuscript, maybe even workshopped it a time or two, but what you really want to know is: what does an editor think? Does my plot make sense? Are my characters authentic and believable? Does my dialogue flow smoothly? Is my supporting narrative clear? Have I engaged the senses so that readers feel like they are inside the story? Have I tied up any loose ends? Does the story feel finished?  Our manuscript critique services can help to indentify any potential readability issues before your book gets into the hands of readers or a prospective publisher. 

Manuscript Critique services start at $450.

Comprehensive Editing

A comprehensive edit is like having a secret side-kick to help make your story the best it can possibly be. Our comprehensive editing services include a combination of line editing, editorial comments within the manuscript, suggestions for rewrites, and a written strengths and weaknesses overview of the story.

Comprehensive Editing rates range from $.02 - $.05 per word


Need an eagle-eyed second set of eyes to make sure sure ever letter, spacing, and punctuation is as it should be? Our experience proofreaders can help put that final shine on a polished manuscript

Proofreading rates range from $.01 - $.03 per word