Small Businesses

Our mission here at Storyteller Alley is to help artisan authors promote their work. In addition, through our partnerships with other small businesses we help connect two communities that have a tremendous amount in common. Best of all, in creating cross-promotional relationships, our readers get to reap the benefits of fun combinations of books and products that make reading an experience, not just something you do in line at the bank.

If you are a small business owner and are interested in cross-promoting your product line with our artisan authors, please fill out the form below and send us your information. 

We are honored and lucky to have worked with these amazing small businesses:


A to Z Candles

Epic Smell Goods Since 2015

It all started with an obsession for scented candles. Like you, I want my house to smell good all the time. I loved coming home from work and lighting a candle to start my evening. 

After a while I realized the candles were making me feel awful. Headaches, asthma flare ups while they were lit, and sometimes even feeling sick! I did some research and learned about paraffin wax - the petroleum wax most candle companies use - is basically polluting my home. 

I started right away, making my own soy candles in the scents I still knew and loved from the big box candle stores. I perfected my candles and opened a couple of months later. 

Two years later, here we are. A to Z Candles is one of the fastest growing Etsy candle shops, plus we have the biggest variety of fragrances and sizes! 

I am still home-based, despite my rapid growth. I have half of the basement dedicated to my work, and I work 40+ hours a week to keep up with demand. Life. Is. Good. 

The Rugged Heart
The Rugged Heart creates and sells unique handcrafted home decor using a variety of materials.
Freedom Snacks

Freedom Snacks is a locally-owned gourmet popcorn shop located in Normandy Park, Washington. We love creating different flavors of popcorn and sharing our love of snacking with people across the country. Message us with any new flavor ideas. We're always inventing!