Adalina Mae

Zara is eight years old, her father, in a drunken rampage, accidentally shoots himself dead.

Her childhood memories leave her struggling with romantic attachments and hinder her from developing healthy relationships.

Seeking answers, She meets a monk for wisdom, and a gypsy for insight.

The journeys Adalina Mae takes us on are interspersed with heartbreaking moments as well as hilarious escapades.

This is life and nothing is predictable. The story keeps you on your toes and offers mysteries to solve:

Why does Zara have recurrent nightmares of her last night with her father?

Why does she struggle with love?

Author Bio

Adalina Mae is the author of Nothing Is Predictable.

After leaving the corporate world of management, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion to write.

She's also a lover of movies and hopes that her novels become a motion picture.

Adalina wrote Nothing Is Predictable to inspire optimism and positive thoughts, reminding us we are strong and can overcome life’s challenges. Particularly those who suffered childhood trauma like she has. She is determined to spread the message of forgiveness and love. Her life's incidents have taught her, that Nothing Is Predictable and Nothing Can Last F'orever.

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  • Critic Score:79/100

    Our Review Ranking:

    A Good Read


Our Review


The cover design for this book is appropriate for the books content and creates a good first impression.

It deals with the outer self and the inner self conflicts within the story by showing the outer self as a full body image within the inner self,which is the silhouette.

It adequately  and artfully joins one with the other while at the same time showing each within it’s own separate individuality.

The silhouette does seem to run off of the page though ,making it seem sloppy. It may have been better to leave a border for it.

 The shade of  red worn by the figure is a very vibrant and powerful color.  It draws the eye and focuses it on the center image.  The fact that the woman has her back turned may signify that she has perhaps turned her back on certain aspects  or experiences of the life-story within the pages of the book or is walking away from something , provoking interest.

The symbolism on the cover is good.  The grave marker with the cross in the center background and the lone teardrop on the cheek of the silhouette image both create examples of the drama and events in the book.
All images show grace and fluid lines.

Book Blurb:

The blurb for this book gives a brief and comprehensive synopsis of the book while asking all the right questions. Each question asked makes the reader more curious and more likely to want  to read the book.

Formatting :

Formatting for this book is decent. Although there is room for improvement,I didn't find any serious problems with the format.
It seems to be very cleanly written and easy to read for the most part.
I think one improvement that I would suggest is an adjustment in regard to use of multiple timelines in the book. When mentioning “Italy 2008” add “Present Day” so it makes it easier to make the time transition without stopping to equate ,which breaks the flow of the story .

Grammar & Spelling:

I found some mistakes in this book which ranged from spelling to grammar as well as puncuation errors. I see in the front of the book it mentions the company it was edited by. I would think it approprate if they went over it once more to pick up the last of the corrections,since the story itself is well worth reading. For that reason I have ranked it at a 7 on it's grammar and spelling score.

Character Development:

There are a lot of characters in this book to keep up with,  each one very different. I mean that in a good way!  Zara has a large family and a lot of friends. That being said , they were all explained naturally and within the storyline, so the reader never has trouble keeping up.
Each character has their own very distinctive personality .  This helps round out the fullness  of the story and makes it very believable.

The most important character, ’Zara’, develops all the way through the book,.  Although it didn’t seem that even she was aware of it until the very end, the signs were there.  The constant searching for answers, whether from individual people, relationships, or through different religions and philosophies was indicative of that development.  As Zara narrates to you in a very confidential way, you recognize barricades as they are revealed and overcome . Each event is an important chapter in the storyline of her life.
Zaras’ emotions and thoughts are very well communicated through the book giving a good understanding of her character from beginning to end, even as it matures over the years and changes.

Plot & Structure:

The basic plot of this story was a good one.  One of overcoming difficult times and moving forward.

The structure for the first part of the book was repetitive for multiple chapters, which made me want to skip through.

Structure did improve in the second half and the plot began to take unexpected turns which kept it interesting  and made it easier to maintain focus while reading without having to try.


Pacing in this book feels slow , and drags through the roughest ,early parts of the story.  
I picks up a third of the way through the book , in the area of where Zaras‘ mother falls ill and the drama changes from one of violence to one of pure emotion.  
The next third of the book deals with many failed relationships and the story carries on slowly as each suitor tries and fails.  
The last third of the book reads more intensely as Zara reaches deeper for wisdom , searching religions and philosophy ,  eventually retracing her own steps to find the answers she has looked for all her life.

Use of Language:

Use of language in this book is good.  It is written in the language of the day and descriptions are all very clearly defined.  It paints the surroundings for each scene as if the reader was there with Zara.


This book rates well in originality. It reads as an original telling of a life lived through difficult times , among many other books like it of course, but with a personal way of delivery that is very straightforward and acceptable.
It leaves you with the impression that even the ridiculous things that happen to Zara , are the same kind of things that happen to each of us at some point. Not always the same events obviously, but things that the readers can relate to.

Overall Readability:

Overall I feel this book reads well and I can recommend it to readers.  It’s easy to follow the storyline. All of the characters in this book interact well with one another. The protagonist of the story develops very well throughout  and it has a positive ending with some good advice for the reader by someone who has experienced many difficulties.

A Note From the Critic:

I am happy to say I have read and enjoyed this book. It may start out slow and with difficult subject matter but it develops into a real search and find story with many twists and turns.  As the main character grows and matures over time you see her find a true understanding of how she learns ways to improve her life and move toward a great future. I can recommend it to others and consider it a good read.


Thank you for this lovely detailed review. Im glad you connected with Zara's development. 

I will look into the errors you noted, its amazing how many times one can still miss errors. 

I am grateful for your recommendation and the score you gave.

Many thanks for taking the time to review my story. 

Adalina xx 

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