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Are you an enthusiastic, book-loving, easy-going team player who loves to read and discover new authors? Are you interested and enthusiastic about supporting indie and small press authors? We are actively seeking critics and curators to join our team.

What We Do

We offer two types of feedback: Beta Reading and Review for Sale.

Beta Reading offers feedback to authors prior to publication. Our Beta Reading packages include feedback from three critics.

Review for Sale is the feedback we create when evaluating a book for sale on our site or for inclusion in an Author Discovery Box. All books submitted for this type of feedback are reviewed by our team of critics across ten different evaluation criteria. If a book scores high enough, it is then sent to our team of curators who also evaluate the book and decide if they wish to curate it for sale on Storyteller Alley.

All team members join us first as critics. The opportunity to become a curator is offered to all Master Critics whenever there is an opening.

Genre Critics

To be a Genre Critic for Storyteller Alley you must love, love, LOVE a good story and you must love to read!

Our critics must:

  • Have a keen eye for structure, spelling, grammar, and syntax and be able to provide feedback on character development, plot, pacing, and cover design.
  • Be able to use our internal evaluation form to score books across ten evaluation criteria.
  • Interact with the Storyteller Alley team to collaborate and brainstorm ways to make our site a success for both our readers and our authors.

Genre critics will read books submitted to our site. Feedback includes beta reading, editorial review, and review for sale. Critics are free to read books in a variety of genres.

Genre Critic Compensation:

Genre critics have access to all kinds of amazing indie and small press books and receive:

Beta Reading

Apprentice Critic - $15 per beta read

Journeyman Critic - $20 per beta read

Master Critic - $25 per beta read

Review for Sale

Apprentice Critic - $5 per critique + $5 if a book is curated

Journeyman Critic - $8 per critique + $5 if a book is curated

Master Critic - $12 per critique + $5 if  a book is curated

Advancement is achieved by receiving positive ratings from authors on beta reading and/or having a critiqued book approved by a curator. Additional quarterly competitions will also offer the opportunity for spot bonuses. 

Genre Curators

To be a Genre Curator for Storyteller Alley you must love, love, LOVE a good story. You should be able to articulate what makes a story good and have a good eye for proper grammar and spelling as well as character and plot development. We want only the best of the best. If you don't absolutely love a book, it doesn't belong on our site.

Genre Curator Duties Include:

  • Selecting books to include on our site
  • Helping to manage the critique process
  • Creating blog posts
  • Promoting books via social media
  • Sharing ideas and collaborating with other team members to help us grow!

Genre Curator Compensation:

We offer a tiered compensation structure based on book sales:

  • Apprentice Curator: 6% of sales of curated titles
  • Journeyman Curator: 10% of sales of curated titles
  • Master Curator: 15% of sales of curated titles

Advancement is achieved by hitting pre-designated book sales goals.


If you're still reading, and you're more than just a little excited about the possibility of joining our start-up, then we want to hear from you. Just add your details to the form below and we'll be in touch!

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