Join Our Team

Short of discovering a magic wand or a genie in a bottle, we absolutely need a group of enthusiastic team members to help us make Storyteller Alley a reality.

We are currently searching for a handful of folks to fill some key positions on our team. We're looking for enthusiastic, book-loving, easy-going team members who love to read, love discovering new authors, and are excited about supporting artisan authors.

Here's who and what we need:

Genre Curators

Help us source exceptional indie and small press books to sell and promote in our online bookstore.

Our perfect curators must:

  • Love, love, LOVE a good story!

  • Be able to evaluate a book for style, storytelling, and character and plot development, plus have a good eye for proper grammar and spelling. We want only the best of the best. If you don't absolutely love a book, it doesn't belong in our shop.

  • Be willing to engage with authors and small presses and invite them to submit their books and sell with us. 

  • Be willing to politely reject books submitted that you feel do not meet our standards.

  • Interact with the Storyteller Alley team to collaborate and brainstorm ways to make our site a success for both our readers and our authors.

Genre curators will find amazing books and send them to our internal book critic team for review. Books that receive rave reviews will be sold in our bookstore and eligible to participate in our promotional opportunities. Genre curators will receive small flat fee for every book accepted into our program and a percentage of future sales of their curated books.


Genre Critics

Read and review curated books to ensure we find only the best of the best. 

Our perfect critics must:

  • Have a keen eye for structure, spelling, grammar, and syntax.
  • Be able to use our internal evaluation form to score books up for consideration
  • Write engaging reviews that will make readers want to read a book without ruining the ending
  • Interact with the Storyteller Alley team to collaborate and brainstorm ways to make our site a success for both our readers and our authors

Genre critics will read and review curated books for acceptance into our online bookstore. If the book receives a passing score, critics will draft a review to be used on our site for book promotion. If book does not pass, critics will be asked to draft feedback for the author as to why.  Genre critics will receive a small flat fee for every book review or author feedback written.


If you're still reading, and you're more than just a little excited about the possibility of joining our start-up, then we want to hear from you. Just add your details to the form below and we'll be in touch!

Tell us a little bit about you and why you want to join our team. Feel free to include links to book reviews, websites, or social media accounts.