Matthew S. Cox

Under the watchful eye of the Mother Shrine, twelve-year-old Wisp ekes out a simple, but challenging life with Dad, foraging for food and losing herself in old books from the world that came before. She loves the Endless Forest ― except when the Tree Walkers come for her.

In ages past, the great rain of fire and ash destroyed the Earth, wiping out the ancients and everything they had made. Nature has reclaimed much since then, spreading out in a vast forest full of wonder and dread. Ever in fear of being taken away, she follows Dad’s rules without question while learning to survive off the land.

No longer a small child, she accompanies Dad on one of his treks, her first time more than a few steps away from the cabin. A day exploring with him is the happiest time of her life, but joy is short-lived.

A monster follows them home.

Safe in her Haven, she hides while Dad goes outside to confront the beast. She wakes alone the next morning, and waits. Alas, her hope of his return fades with the daylight. Desperate, she breaks his strictest rule and goes outside alone. Not far from the cabin, she discovers his rifle abandoned next to the monster’s strange footprints.

Afraid but determined, Wisp sets off on her own into the Endless Forest to find Dad ― before the Tree Walkers catch her.

Author Bio

Born in a little town known as South Amboy NJ in 1973, Matthew has been creating science fiction and fantasy worlds for most of his reasoning life. Somewhere between fifteen to eighteen of them spent developing the world in which Division Zero, Virtual Immortality, and The Awakened Series take place. He has several other projects in the works as well as a collaborative science fiction endeavor with author Tony Healey.

Matthew is an avid gamer, a recovered WoW addict, Gamemaster for two custom systems (Chronicles of Eldrinaath [Fantasy] and Divergent Fates [Sci Fi], and a fan of anime, British humour (<- deliberate), and intellectual science fiction that questions the nature of reality, life, and what happens after it.

He is also fond of cats.

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  • Critic Score:100/100

    Our Review Ranking:

    A Truly Exceptional Read


Our Review


I adore the cover! Wisp looks ready to take the entire world and it's inspiring!

Book Blurb:

The book blurb is awesome! It gives you just enough information that you want to read it without spoiling anything major in the book!

Formatting :

The formatting fites really well with the story; I wasn't lost at all!

Grammar & Spelling:

The grammar and spelling are phenomenal! The book's setting stayed consistant throughout the story and I didn't catch any spelling errors!

Character Development:

Wisp's character development is paced perfectly. She is forced to mature fast due to the post-apocalyptic world she lives in and due to her father disappearing.

Plot & Structure:

The plot was engaging and I couldn't seem to turn the page quick enough! The transitions between past and present were smooth. I loved how the novel would explain a behavior of Wisp's by switching to a past event similar to the situation she finds herself in.


The novel's pacing fit well with the theme and left me satisfied.

Use of Language:

The author understands how knowledge can be lost in these post-apocalyptic settings. It makes perfect sense for Wisp not to understand what a computer is because she grew up in a time without them. The author also took into consideration how language might change in these types of settings; the sentences contain simple words whose meanings are more easily remembered than bigger, more fancy words that require either Google or a dictionary to know what the meaning is. 


I'm not normally a big fan of post-apocalyptic novels, since most of them deal with zombies and they get boring after a while, but this novel was amazing! Most post-apocalyptic novels reveal what happened to the world in the beginning of the story. However, this novel merely hinted at it and didn't reveal the cause of humanitiy's downfall right away! I have also never heard of the forest coming alive and attacking people (outside of fantasy novels of course).

Overall Readability:

The novel was easy to read and very enjoyable!

A Note From the Critic:

This is my favorite post-apocalyptic novel I have ever read! I want to know what the Tree Walkers are and how they came to be!


This sounds like a great read - entertaining and action packed! Great review! :) 

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