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A Guest Blog Post by Author Adalina Mae

Nothing Is Predictable was written with the hope readers can relate to their inner troubles, particularly for women who have suffered childhood trauma and for women who struggle at relationships.

I have come across many women that struggle to have healthy relationships, resulting in one failure after another. I for one, am one of those women, Zara, the protagonist in Nothing Is Predictable is based on my life’s experiences.

My life’s experiences have taught me that nothing is predictable and nothing can last forever, these days I live by these two premises”.

I wanted to spread my message, to help and inspire women across the world with hope and some answers. My initiation came at a time in my life where I was mentally battling with my inner demons. I needed to release the urge and scream out for someone to listen.

I thought, writing it would be a cathartic experience that would help me deal with my pain and accept my life’s challenges as lessons to learn from.

Childhood trauma can indeed affect the psychological behavior of healthy relationship development. For those who have read Nothing Is Predictable, I hope you understood the struggle Zara experienced with love. Deep underlying issues hindered her from making better judgements with how healthy relationships presented themselves.

How many of us fail at relationships? I bet many women out there do. You know that typical thought “I’ll be happy when I find someone”. Most look for happiness from 

others, what we all should know is that happiness comes from within, if you can’t make yourself happy, how do you expect someone else to make you happy? Understanding the importance of self love and forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door to your happiness.

The development theme of the novel is centered around the early childhood experiences in Zara’s life. I show Zara’s childhood instabilities and trauma in depth for readers to understand the impact it had on her decisions in life. Readers will clearly see her shattered heart was unable to understand how to love. As Zara reflected with her first love encounter with Jamal;

My childhood experiences had shaped me with a somewhat warped understanding of what passion and love were”.

This is another profound statement that impacted readers’ thoughts that sets the stage of Zara’s development for what I thought is important to tell in my story;

They say your perception on life is developed between the ages of zero and seven. I often wonder about mine, waking up to guns being fired in the house, an abusive father who almost killed my mother numerous times in front of me, and being sexually molested under the age of eight by a neighbor. All my life, I have felt ripped off because I did not have a normal childhood. I get annoyed when I see kids being pampered and treated fragilely over minor incidents, when at the same age, I was battling to survive.

The story is not all heartbreak and gloom. It’s mixed with hilarious and adventurous romantic escapades. From the love of her life Jamal, to Livio her Swiss God to the Spaniard Leandro. All are interspersed with heartbreaking conundrums and hilarious events that define Zara’s mercurial temperaments, of which her sense of humor is one that you clearly identify as you read on.

After decades of recurring nightmares of her last night with her father where he almost killed her mother, fragments of ill memories, family debacles and relationship failures. All that proved to be impacting Zara’s Psyche, she searches for higher answers that could help her.

She travels to Japan to a Buddhist temple where she befriends the monk Kuya for wisdom. An interesting statement in this chapter is what Kuya says to Zara;

Drop it like you drop a sack of potatoes”.

She tries to master her meditations by controlling the ability to drop her negative thoughts to release her inner demons, however, being a lover of potatoes, all Zara could meditate about was French fries.

To no avail, nightmares keep recurring, Zara’s heart keeps blocking love, wanting to explore further answers Zara meets a Gypsy that gives her insight that changes her life forever. After 28 years since her father’s passing, she sets off on a pilgrimage across countries to visit her father’s grave to find forgiveness. I think PLEASE FORGIVE ME is the most powerful chapter in the story.

I hope you get to read Nothing Is Predictable and connect with Zara’s journey in life. I wish for many readers to learn from the message of my story……. Adalina Mae xx.

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I really enjoyed reading this guest post!  It's a true insight into what makes the author feel as deeply as she does in regard to this story. As with many stories, once we get into them, the characters develop as the book progresses.  It's the same way in life and, this story outlines that process in a big way. Great blog post and great book!  Keep up the good work!

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