A Clean Sweep

Can a chance blaze during book club lead to romance between fifty-something widow Emily and the young and handsome Joe? Daughter Tabitha feels something is missing in her relationship, whilst her Abba-obsessed boss Meryl thinks she's found Prince Charming after a lifetime of frogs. Are they both right, or dating Mr Wrong? Emily's sister has the perfect life and marriage. But there are skeletons in her immaculate closet and a fitness band could destroy everything. Susan knows everything but everyone but people don't know her. Lonely, overweight and pining for a lost love, she can't imagine a happy ending. A Clean Sweep is a warm, witty and poignant tale of love, lies and second chances.



Chick Lit

Critic Evaluation

Cover Design Score: 7

Cover could be a bit more vibrant in line with the lively storylines.

Book Blurb Score: 8

Book blurb reflects the intersecting storylines.

Formatting Score: 8

Except for a few missing spaces, the formatting is fine.

Grammar & Spelling Score: 9

Grammar and spelling is correct. A few typos appeared near the end.

Plot & Structure Score: 9

I enjoyed the episodic plot structure where each character is given their own chapters. This worked well to intersperse lively elements with more sombre ones.

Character Development Score: 9

The character development is really satisfying. At face value we make superficial judgements about these characters, as we would in real life, then as the author skilfully opens out their stories, we begin to empathise with them.

Originality Score: 9

I like that the heroine is 50-something, not the usual 20-something.

Pacing Score: 9

As mentioned above, the structure of giving each character their own chapters and mixing the chapters works very well. Early on there is a lot of backstory, in the form of quips, that could be trimmed -- but this is only a very minor quibble.

Use of Language Score: 8

The author is skillful at giving each character a unique voice.

Overall Readability Score: 9

Easily read in one or two sittings. Kept me entertained during a long train journey.

This book received a critic's score of 85 out of 100 possible points.

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Curator Evaluation

<p>"A Clean Sweep" introduces readers to lively and entertaining characters that are empathetic, witty, and downright likable. This is a great vacation read for when you need to relax and enter a fun new world.</p>

This book was curated by Diana Fitts

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