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The Money Tree

The McPierson family had recently moved to Puyallup, Washington. Tom, aged ten, and his eight-year-old sister, Jamie, were excited to meet new friends. They soon formed a club--The West Main Five--and discovered the clue to a 25-year-old mystery! Using the library to research, they begin to put together an intriguing puzzle. Will the club solve the mystery which has baffled police for years?

Children's Fiction

The Sixth Seal

Anastasie Eloise Bertrand has spent the better part of fifteen years in a state mental hospital convinced that she is the reincarnated protector of an ancient and powerful book. After her case is assigned to a new psychologist, Ana feels she might finally have an ally and someone who believes in her.

Science Fiction

Keeper of Secrets

Susan, a bereaved daughter, stumbles upon her grandmother’s journals.

Thrillers & Mysteries


No fangs, no claws... still deadly.
From the moment Tamzin Walker wakes up on her nineteenth birthday, things are weird. Then they get worse. Just when she thinks there is no way out of her one-way trip to Loserville, her aunt Dana tells her something that changes everything. She is not totally human—she is Lucan.

A Change In Crime

In November of 1929, the last autumn leaves started a domino effect in Fall River. At a time when most give thanks, others lurk at society’s fringes, waiting for a shot at revenge. Power. Redemption. A Mafia hit leaves Leo Riley homeless and at the mercy of Oguina, a powerful monster under an ancient curse.

Thrillers & Mysteries

Into the Outside

When the mutants' survival is threatened, will Isabella risk it all for the man she hardly knows or stay underground protected?

Young Adult

Gavril of Aquina

A kingdom in need of its king...

Seven years after a scheming traitor seized the throne of Aquina, the people suffer under the dark reign.

A man in need of redemption...

Fantasy Fiction, Romance


All Davis wanted was a job. So when Winterbourne Home advertised a position for an evening personal care worker, he jumped at the chance. Little did he know that another, higher profile position waited for him; that is if the homicidal director of the home did not take it from him first. 

Paranormal & Horror

Missing Person ~ 911

The early morning call tells me there is a 12 year old boy lost in the woods!  As I jump out of bed, I think of the time when I received a similar message about my own son.  Will I be able to help some frantic parents with their fear and pain? Will our well-trained search and rescue teams be able to find this inexperienced child before it is too late?

Middle Grade

Escaping the Caves

No one really knows how it ended. All that is certain is somehow, somewhere, someone fucked up.

Big time.

Science Fiction