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The Money Tree

The McPierson family had recently moved to Puyallup, Washington. Tom, aged ten, and his eight-year-old sister, Jamie, were excited to meet new friends. They soon formed a club--The West Main Five--and discovered the clue to a 25-year-old mystery! Using the library to research, they begin to put together an intriguing puzzle. Will the club solve the mystery which has baffled police for years?

Children's Fiction


get ready to enter a supernatural world where nothing is not what it seems: who is valkyrie? Is D.Juan a demon or an angel? Who is UMBRAE? Who is SNOTIKUS? Find out the true story of frankenstein and little red riding hood? ARE life and death friends or sisters? What is a killing selfie. Find out sideral santa claus' adventures and the alien harlequin


When scientists initiate human trials for a drug created to prevent and cure the common cold, nineteen-year-old Scarlett McKenzie's life rapidly crumbles around her. Her mother, Grace, having fallen on hard times financially, is among the first to be injected with the medicine. Hours later, Scarlett is faced with her mother; cold, dead, blind... and hungry.

Neulan - The Beginning

Can one website provide all the answers?

The Transformer: Embracing the Refiner's Fire

In today’s society, there is a great deal of deception, division, and confusion that has infiltrated the lives of many. The focus on family and community has now taken a back seat to monetary gain and presumed power. This focus has left many unfulfilled and hopeless, giving up on dreams and goals.

Keeper of the Watch


Chase Walker is beginning to doubt his own sanity. From the moment he turned eighteen, a strange paranoia has taken over his mind. It all started the moment he discovered his uncle’s old watch... 

No One Comes Close

‘No One Comes Close. A memoir’ by J. A. Newman.

Gavril of Aquina

A kingdom in need of its king...

Seven years after a scheming traitor seized the throne of Aquina, the people suffer under the dark reign.

A man in need of redemption...

Fantasy Fiction, Romance

Littlethumb Sneezed

What would happen if everything in the world froze but you? Littlethumb Sneezed is the tale of prolific artist and renowned philanthropist Littlethumb Brooks. From the discovery of his creative genius as a child to his rise to fame, join Littlethumb on a satirical journey through the world of American pop culture.


Keep the Change

<p>Keep the Change (blurb) A conversation can be heard through change. A mental transformation is seen through physical change. The ever-constant is inconstancy. We measure our progress or our regression through the notifiable differences in our condition between one point in time and the next. Even the subtle differences in time add up to a new formation.