Curator's Pick: The Sixth Seal

What if you were destined to live the same life over and over again? What if each time you were reborn you had to figure out who you were and what your purpose was or risk the annihilation of the entire human race?

Ana has been fighting mental health issues all her life, only she's not crazy. She's an old soul who must find the book that has been calling to her and draw upon hundreds and hundreds of year of experience from lives she can hardly remember. The Sixth Seal offers an intricate story line that is woven together with incredible finesse. It's got adventure, action, mystery,and more. From the very beginning I found myself rooting for for the main character. 

The book offers an excellent opening -- straight into both the action and the character's central internal problem. Will she escape from the instution where she's been committed? The pacing is brisk, and the flashbacks to previous lives is done exceptionally well.