For the Book Lover: Pride & Prejudice Coasters

Sigh and swoon! If you're a Jane Austen fan (or rather a Lizzie and Darcy fan) then these are a must have. Featuring some of the most beloved quotes form the book and movie, this set of four is the perfect furniture-protecting perch for your spot of tea or nip of wine.

Handmade by Eliza Jane's Creations, for a snippet under $20 bucks these can be yours.

For the Book Lover: Bookmarks are for Quitters T-Shirt

Some people use bookmarks, some people dogear the pages, but the only the true, hard-core book lover reads from start to finish, no bookmarking required.

This t-shirt made us laugh out loud and we certainly appreciate the implied literary challenge. 

If you're one of those voracious reader who just won't put it down until you've read the very last word on the very last page, then you gotta get this shirt!

Made and shipped by Raes Custom Decals, for $26 you can proclaim your reading superpower to the world.

Book Review: Darkness of the Womb

No one ever said motherhood would be easy. And for Marigold? Well, it's harder than most would ever fathom. Her unborn child is destined to be the savior of mankind...only he doesn't want to be. This story is an incredible mash up of mundane reality and a fantastic other dimension where human characteristics like Instinct, Imagination, and Purpose become characters in their own right. Some are working to help Marigold, and her husband Jeff to save their unborn child...others have ulterior motives.

Book Review: Gavril of Aquina

What happens to a king who has everything he could ever want - magic, wealth, women - taken away by a coniving adversary? Does he resign himself to life as a prisoner? A nobody? Or will a chance meeting with a beautiful woman change his mind and give him the reason he needs to find his inner strength and fight for his people?

Gavril of Aquina is a fun fantasy romance that pits strong, interesting characters on a well-paced plot line.  I found myself wanting to know how it all worked out. Would Gavril get his magic back? Would he get the girl he wants and his kingdom?

For the Book Lover: Book Club is Wine Club

This is part of a new feature on our blog where we seek out and share that a #booklovermusthave. These products are sold by independent, non-affiliated small-business retailers.

Are you in a book club? Then you have to have this bag! Sure, I joined the book club for the books, but the wine, well, that's kind of just icing on the cake!