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We are fast closing in on our launch date! On June 5th, 2017 we will open our doors and begin our mission of highlighting artisan authors and their exceptional books. We can hardly wait!

Every book we list on our site has been double vetted, first by one of our genre curators and then by one of critics. Books are evaluated on ten specific aspects, everything from cover design to character development to overall readability. And the best part is that we only feature books written by independent and small press authors. 

While you're here, be sure to create your account. All users who join us on or before June 9th will earn our first ever Reader Badge and earn 10 book points! Book points can be used to earn free downloads, promotional items from our authors and small business partners, and in the coming months, support local and national charities!  We're still putting the spit and polish on our site, so some features may not be available at the moment. But don't worry! We'll be ready by our launch date! Want to take a sneak peak at our soon-to-be new home page? Just click here.

If you are an author looking for a great place to share your work, check out the info on the 'For Authors' tab or use the form below.



Are you an independent or small press published author? Do you consider your book among the best? Are you tired of getting lost in the shuffle?

We are currently accepting submission in all genres

We're looking for only the best independent and small press published authors to promote in our new online bookstore. With a limited number of new books accepted each month, our goal is, and will always be, to promote the books we think our readers will love.

Ready to submit your book? You can submit directly to one of our curators by visiting our About Us page, or use the form below.



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